Flexible analysis of statistics

The SIGMA DATA CENTER software allows you to create customized training programs and helps you analyze all recorded training data on a PC, Mac, or tablet. After training, the RC MOVE can be read and analyzed on the computer’s big screen. The SIGMA DATA CENTER 4 transfers data to and from the iPhone, and conducts comprehensive statistical and graphic based evaluations of recorded data.

  • Dashboard

    The dashboard provides an overview of the connected device, the most recent training sessions, and summarizes your training statistics. This helps keep you up to date with your current training status and the status of your device. It also allows you to import missing training sessions and directly access your most recent training sessions.

  • Calendar

    The calendar overview displays the training sessions from either a week or a month in the classic calender view. In addition to the overview, statistics are also provided for the period displayed and the progression of the statistics is shown in graph format.

  • Trainingsanalyse - Aktivitäten


    The Activity feed chronologically lists the most recent training sessions/activities. All of the main training data for the session is clearly displayed.

  • Trainingsanalyse - Aktivitäten

    Training session

    Comprehensive details for each training session are clearly grouped by topic.

  • Sport types

    Choose between a variety of sport activity types, or add new ones. Color coded labels help you easily identify the different sport types.

  • Statistics

    Statistics give you an overview of your training sessions over time. Create custom filters to quickly find training sessions that meet certain criteria. Click on any activity to see complete details of that training session.

  • Heart rate and intensity zone distribution

    Zone graphs and pie charts show how your workout matches up with your heart rate and intensity training goals. Did you work out too hard? Hard enough? What percentage of your work out met your goals?



The DATA CENTER app makes the evaluation platform even more flexible, and above all, mobile. All functions and analysis tools can be accessed, operated and controlled via a mobile device. This additional feature is in line with today’s mobile world.



Synchronous on all devices

The SIGMA CLOUD is the high‐tech solution for the RC MOVE’s training system. The CLOUD transmits training data from the SIGMA MOVE app to the DATA CENTER. And thanks to the CLOUD, training sessions can always be in sync across all of your devices.

Trainingshistorie - SIGMA CLOUD

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