Training analysis

An overview of all completed training sessions can be found in the ‘History’ menu. All activities are stored and clearly presented in this menu so that they can be analyzed at any time.

  • Trainingsanalyse - Gesamt

    All training sessions

    All training sessions can be accessed in the ‘History’ menu. The menu displays the number of all training sessions as well as a list of the training sessions from the last week and the last month. A list of the best training sessions is also available.

  • Trainingsanalyse - Einzelauflistung

    Month-based analysis

    All training sessions are organized by month, and can be easily identified by the type of sport, date, distance covered, and the training time. Click on any workout to view the full details.

  • Trainingsanalyse - Einzeltraining

    Individual training session

    Distance, speed, duration, calories, heart rate, sport type, and even the route as a map (including heat maps for HR and speed) can be viewed for each training session.

  • Trainingsanalyse - Kartenansicht

    Map view

    Click the map in the individual training mode to open the map view of the training session.
    This displays the entire route, including all laps. You can also view the speed profile for the entire session as well as the heart rate distributed across the four intensity zones.

  • Trainingsanalyse - absolviertes Trainingsprogramm

    Lap overview

    The data for each lap can be viewed in list format in the app. You can easily switch between the manually and automatically recorded laps.

  • Trainingsanalyse - Gesamt

    Training program

    If a training program, e.g. interval training, has been completed, the statistics for each phase of the training session can be viewed in the app.




Cloud technology synchronizes the training data from the RC MOVE between the PC and app versions of SIGMA DATA CENTER. The statistics from the SIGMA MOVE app can also be transmitted to SIGMA DATA CENTER via the SIGMA CLOUD.

Synchronisieren über SIGMA CLOUD

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