Speed & pace

Thanks to the GPS on the iPhone, statistics such as speed and distance can be displayed on the watch through the app.

Current speed

Your current speed is determined by the GPS receiver on the iPhone and can be displayed in km/h, mi/h, min/km or min/mi.

Average speed

The average speed during the training session is displayed in km/h, mi/h, min/km or min/mi.

Maximum speed

It is also possible to view your maximum speed.

Geschwindigkeit & Tempo
  • Distanz - Gesamt

    Total distance

    The total distance covered can be viewed on the RC MOVE’s display at any time.

  • Distance - Auto-lap by distance

    Auto-lap by distance

    For each different sport mode, you can choose a distance after which a lap is automatically recorded.

  • Distance - Auto-Lap by time

    Auto-Lap by time

    Automated time-based laps can also be selected.

  • Gesamt - Lap


    All of the most important statistics are recorded for each lap.


Training program

Trainingsprogramm - View

RC MOVE view

The RC MOVE provides graphical and text-based information about the current training phase of a selected program. This gives you all the information you require for training at a glance.

Trainingsprogramm - Liste

SIGMA MOVE app view

The training statistics are stored in the app and provide detailed information about the individual phases of the training program in list format after the training session.