Free training & interval training


When using the RC MOVE, you can train based on a wide range of parameters. The modes for the different training types are defined in the settings menu.

When using free training, training can occur in line with several target zones such as FIT, FAT and OWN.

A classic interval training session is comprised of a warm-up, interval/recovery stage, plus a cool down. It can be completed based on specified times or heart rate levels. While training, acoustic and visual signals indicate if the upper and lower limits have been breached and will announce the end of each phase.


Heart rate functions

Current heart rate

Herzfrequenzfunktionen - Aktuelle Herzfrequenz

The current, EKG-accurate heart rate, is displayed on all display views.
It is recorded via the R1 Bluetooth Smart transmitter that is attached to the comfortable textile chest belt.

Maximum heart rate

Herzfrequenzfunktionen - Maximale Herzfrequenz

The maximum heart rate reached during the training session can be displayed as one of several display views.

Average heart rate

Herzfrequenzfunktionen - Durchschnittliche Herzfrequenz

The average heart rate for a training session is continuously calculated and can be viewed on the display.

HR graph

Herzfrequenzfunktionen - HF-Graph

The heart rate graph is extremely useful and displays the progression of your heart rate throughout the training session.


Intensity zones

The RC MOVE features four intensity zones. You can use the pre-programmed zones, or customize them. This display shows the heart rate frequency distribution during the training session and the current intensity zone. The default settings for the intensity zones are based on the abbreviations BE1, BE1/2, BE2 (development zone), and CE (peak zone).

Intensity zone 1

Basic endurance 1, 60–70% of the HR max

Intensity zone 2

Basic endurance 1/2, 70–80% of the HR max

Intensity zone 3

Basic endurance 2, 80–90% of the HR max

Intensity zone 4

Competition endurance, 90–100% of the HR max


Automated training and
target zones

After entering your age, gender, and weight, select your desired target zone, the watch will automatically calculate the upper and lower limits of your heart rate zone.

To boost your physical fitness, use the FIT zone. For optimum fat burning, train in the FAT zone.


Zone alarm


The watch emits an acoustic alarm if you are no longer training within the defined target zone.

Zone indicator


An arrow indicates whether you need to reduce or increase the intensity of your workout to train in the pre-defined heart rate zone.

Zone bar


The distribution of your heart rate ranges across the four intensity zones is visually displayed as a bar chart with percentage values. An arrow also indicates the zone in which you are currently training.